Dr. Rethwill is an expert in the proper treatment and documentation of injuries resulting from auto accident collisions in Roseburg, Oregon.  He is a graduate from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1991.  He is Board Certified by both the National Board of Chiropractors Examiners and the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Dr. Rethwill attends National seminars to remain current on updated treatment methods as well as new developments and research to maintain his advancement in the field of chiropractic rehabilitation.   His extensive post-Doctorate training and experience allow him to treat even the most difficult cases.  Some of the post-Doctorate courses he has completed are:

  • “Collision Reconstruction for the Medical Practitioner”, W. R. Haight, Texas A&M University, Department of Engineering
  • “Whiplash Injury Mechanisms”, The Crash Course:  Whiplash Expert Certification

Series, Modules I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, Dr. Gregg Jones, D.C.

  • “Injuries from Low-Impact Collisions”, Dr. Daniel Dock, D.C.
  • “Permanent Soft Tissue Injuries”, Dr. Daniel Dock, D.C.
  • “Whiplash & Spinal Trauma”, Module One, Life Chiropractic College West
  • “Whiplash & Spinal Trauma”, Module Two, Life Chiropractic College West
  • “Auto-Related Spine Syndromes”, Parts One & Two, Dr. Daniel Dock, D.C.
  • “Whiplash Associated Disorders:  Biomechanics, Diagnosis, and Management”

Dr. Lawrence S. Nordhoff, D.C., Q.M.E.

  • “Traumatic Cervical Syndrome”, Dr. Daniel Dock, D.C.
  • “Understanding the Components of Whiplash”, Module 1, Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.
  • “Understanding the Components of Whiplash”, Module 2, Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.
  • “Clinical Documentation of Evidenced-Based Chiropractic”, Dr. Gregg Friedman, D.C., CCSP

Dr. Rethwill pledges to remain at the cutting edge of technology and techniques to better serve the families of Roseburg and the surrounding communities.  Whether it is an auto injury, on-the-job injury, or other spinal related condition, he and his office staff will do their utmost to deliver the fullest possible recovery in the shortest possible time to stabilize your neck and spine.

Dr. Rethwill is a second generation chiropractor who was born in Bellflower, CA and raised in Sutherlin, Oregon, where he graduated valedictorian.  He married his high school sweetheart, Angie, and has been happily married for 23 years.  They have been blessed with five children, Tyler, Tiffany, Destiny, David, Celine, and one granddaughter Emma Grace.